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We are Magnetic

Some human beings have proven their capacity to attract all kinds of metallic objects to their bodies. Like these “magnetic people” we all accumulate objects that stick to us when things change in our lives, when we re-locate or move house or when we change course in our lives.

In We are Magnetic we see how certain objects within the installation chase and stick to us, forming a peculiar robot that walks in our footsteps. They are our things, our possessions; the things that we attract. “We are Magnetic” explores the relationship between the viewer and his attraction of the objects that fill their everyday life. The images created in the projection compose a hybrid human being, half natural and half artificial, armored by all the things that modernity has forced him to need.

Shown at: Conde Duque Cultural Center (Madrid, 07), FILE Festival (Sao Paulo, 08)

Developed by Alberto Garcia and Julio Obelleiro during Interativos? 07 held at Medialab-Prado with the collaboration of Celina Alvarado, Servando Barreiro, Iván Jiménez, Paco Agüero, Yolanda Espinola and Gonzalo Martín. Thanks. Thanks also to Edward Salem for his voice in the video.

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